All that FUZZ about loosing weight

Feb 14 , 2019


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All that FUZZ about loosing weight

There is a lot of contradictory advice about the best way to lose weight. Many stand by the principles of calories in vs calories out, while others recommend a low carb diet. Others recommend exercise for several hours a day, while more still recommend short burst of exercise multiple times a day.

But there is another way.

Dietary supplements are designed to help you drop the pounds of fat, resulting in looking leaner, feeling better, and achieving your goals.

Science generally agrees that weight loss is most easily achieved by changes to your diet. The saying, “you can’t outrun your fork” is true – you’d have to run up something in the region of 30 flights of stairs to burn off the calories in a large burger. If you add fries and a shake to that, you’ll be running all day.

It’s estimated that around 90% of your results will come from changes to your diet, and Supplements can accelerate these results tremendously.

That's why ProNutrition has come up with a revolutionary supplement called Turbo Shred. This supplement comes in capsule form and the lipogenic blend contains both kola nut extract and L-carnitine. Kola nut extract has been reputed to have tonic quality for over 100 years, and the Cola industry is based off of its good name. However, unlike the fizzy sugar-filled products that now line the shelves, kola nut does actually have benefits to its use.

It has been shown to counteract fatigue while simultaneously lowering feelings of thirst and hunger, a desirable property when you are attempting to lose weight and modulate your diet – it is far more effective than attempting to use willpower alone.

The other major ingredient is L-carnitine, which is an amino acid derivative that is naturally present in small amounts in your body. The cells within your body are powered by the energy-producing facilities of the mitochondria, but just like a mini-power station, the mitochondria need fuel to burn to create the energy your body needs.

The fuel of choice for the mitochondria is fat (lipids). The fat is transported by L-carnitine from its original location to the mitochondria where it is burned off and turned into energy. The more L-carnitine present in your body, the more effective and efficient this process becomes.

This makes Turbo Shred an ideal tool for helping you to lose weight, as your appetite will be lowered and any fat in your body will begin to simply burn away.

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