This April fool’s day trick your brain to achieve your fitness goals.


Do these exercises, and get rock-solid abs in just 9 days!
Surprised huh?
Me too!
Since its April fool’s day, I intend to make jokes and I can pull pranks on you.

You will absolutely not get abs in just 9 days(that was a joke), but yes, if you are still struggling to jump out of bed and go exercising, then this article is for you.

This April fool's day, we will trick you, into fooling your mind to get fit.
You heard it right, so stick with me and keep reading!

How can you trick yourself to get fit?
Fool yourself to get fit sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it? Getting fit doesn't need to be tough! In fact, there are tons of ways to trick yourself into exercising more effectively.

I know what you're thinking,
"I won't be motivated enough to work-out only for 5 minutes; I don't like to feel the freaking pain, or I don't like to hurt my body." But that's where you're wrong. The only thing that motivates you is you.
So fool yourself into doing something to accomplish the body that you have always wanted, by tricking your brain into thinking that exercise is not an option but rather a part of your everyday life.

But before we jump into the main topic, let me ask you this;
Have you ever felt why it is so hard to get into exercising and find yourself not following your workout plans???

Let me tell you why!
In general there are two types of people;

Category 1 - Who feel exercise is uncomfortable and tedious
Category 2 - Who started exercising but abandoned it after sometime due to lack motivation

Regardless of your category, keep scrolling to get fit.

1) Tag along with like-minded people -

There is an old saying” that you are the company you keep”. And the most effective way to get yourself into healthy habits is to surround yourself with like-minded people because they will motivate you and inspire you.
One thing we have come to realize is that the person in the mirror should not be your only source of motivation. Healthy habits should be fueled by the support network you surround yourself with. This way you will always have a "team" behind you to motivate you and put you on the right track and not let you quit.

2) Start with 5 minutes -

Working out for the first time and don't know what to choose? Options available of training program can be overwhelming. But relax, take your time, and start with a 5 minutes fitness regime or Yoga. For example; First few days keep it 5 min, then next week increase it to 10 or 15 min and so on. When you start working out for the first time, you should not put that much pressure on yourself, start out slow and build up over time.

3) Pair your "want behavior" with "should behavior" -

"As a human being, we tend to be more motivated by the thought of an immediate reward rather than waiting for a greater reward in the future."

So here you need to be quite smart and choose the "want behavior" with "should behavior".
For example, if you enjoy listening to songs or podcasts (want behavior) you can combine it with running, jogging (should behavior) or other types of physical activity.
It's a very interesting trick to integrate exercise into your daily life. You can also try it with your food and switch to healthy eating habits.
In simple words, you are playing with your brain; you're fooling it by using immediate gratification, rewarding yourself so that your brain can feel comfortable while doing the "should behavior", which is undesired.

4) Add small breaks -

You must be pushing yourself & tricking your brain, but don't forget to cool down or take a break. Small breaks are the easiest way to refresh your brain. While doing exercises consider taking a 20 sec break after every 15 minutes can do wonders for your mind and body. Even when you take a break, keep your brain active by doing something you like to do, such as stretching, consuming energy drinks & protein shakes.

5) Don't compare yourself with others -

Yes the person next to you can lift 100kgs, but it’s your first day & you should not expect to reach that level. It’s like comparing your 1st chapter with someone’s 100th chapter; so the point here is that everyone is different; everyone has their own unique set of skills.
You right now may not be able to perform those exercises because you are not that much experienced but if you stick with your daily routine, you will attain more endurance, strength and one day you will be able to lift 100kgs or even more than that.

6) Challenge yourself-

Tricking your mind is all about challenging yourself but how can you trick your mind to follow long and tedious exercise routines?
Well it’s very simple…
By dividing it into micro-exercise sessions, because whenever you complete one session you will achieve a sense of accomplishment. It will keep your motivation on the high.
Don't stick with one exercise routine; mix it with fun activities like running, skipping, or dancing.

7) Be realistic -

So you have divided the entire workout session into micro- exercises now it’s time to set the realistic goals.
Unfortunately, many of us set such goals that we can't achieve and then when we fail to meet those goals, we feel humiliated. It happens because we’ve set our expectations too high.
But when you set goals which are realistic, you reduce the chances of getting disappointed and frustrated when you don't meet your goals.

Conclusion -

You've tried so many things to get fit, haven't you? But nothing worked for you. You were just about to give up when you saw this article. And now you realize that tricking your brain is the way to go.
All these tricks will get you motivated to stay fit and give you the energy to keep you on track.

Hope you enjoyed Pro Nutrition’s Way of celebrating "April fool's day 2021"

“Don't forget to share your thoughts and your unique ways of celebrating "April fool's day" in the comment section. We would love to read your comments”

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