BCAA L-Glutamine


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BCAA combines the branched chain of Amino Acids, Leucine, valine and Vitamin B6.BCAA is the only amino acid metabolized in skeletal muscles while also serving as intermediated in ATP producing a citric acid cycle. They stimulated muscle growth, reduces muscle breakdown during an exhausting workout, enhances performances during physical activities and boost protein metabolism. It is also found to be effective in burning body fat.

 Enjoy the drink during a workout or after, it's amazing taste will blow you over.


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  • All products we are backed by science, sugar is needed to activate insulin response for better absorbtion of protein. Plus, our products have real cookies crum’s which make it delicious and fun to have

  • Protein requirements varies based on physical activity, a sedentry lifestyle would need only .7gm per kilo and a heavy intense working out individual may need 1.5 gm per kilo. Click here to know your needs.

  • Taking raw whey may cause indigestion for individuals consuming it for first time. However all our products have digestive enymes to ensure you won’t face any issue.