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Feel good inside with PRO Raw Whey Protein Concentrate 100% by adding it to your daily routine for good health, & reflect more energy into your day hassle-free. Imported from USA, this unflavoured protein powder digests faster and has higher biologically active components making it's utilization in the body of the athlete efficient catabolic effects. Powered to deliver 24G of Protein in each serving, this is the ideal supplement for those looking to build Lean Muscle and speed up Recovery after workouts.  It contains comprehensive amino acid profile that includes 5.5gm of BCAA’s and 4g glutamine in each serving.

Key benefits:

Muscle Growth & Recovery: Pro Nutrition’s Raw Whey Protein Concentrate helps build and repair muscles following exercise and meets daily protein needs as a key component of a healthy diet and exercise program.

  • Premium Protein Profile: Each 30 gm serving of Pro Nutrition’s Raw Whey Protein Concentrate provides premium quality and high performance with 24gm protein, 5.5gm BCAA and 4gm glutamine. Drinking Raw Whey Protein right before & after a workout builds Energy for intense training sessions, speeds up Recovery, reduces Muscle Soreness & stimulates new Muscle Synthesis.
  • International Quality Guaranteed: The Whey Protein Concentrate contains International grade raw material formulated and sourced from the USA, and proudly manufactured & packaged in India in GMP Certified facilities
  • Contains Digestive Enzymes for Quick Absorption: PRO Raw Whey Concentrate 100% is fortified with unique blend of Digestive Enzymes, a Multi Enzyme blend consisting of Protease & Amylase. This unique blend of Digestive Enzymes helps maximise digestion and absorption of the protein by our muscles. This reduces bloating also, as seen in some people upon protein consumption.
  • No Banned Substances: PRO’s Raw Whey Concentrate contains no artificial colour, flavour, additives, and fillers. The product is free from any Banned substances or steroid making it completely safe to consume.

Raw Whey Concentrate is an unflavoured product and Ideal to mix with smoothie or shake it offers great but has the greatest flavour flexibility. It can be experiment with different flavours in their protein shake; use it as an ingredient to prepare their own pancakes, cupcakes, smoothies or protein bars.

Using Occasions:

Consume 2/3 times a day with breakfast and post workout and in between meal as per your daily protein requirement. On training days, take a minimum of two servings. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers.

Directions For use:

Mix 1 Scoop in 180-200ml of water, skimmed milk or beverage of choice. For best results, mix up your shake 30-60 minutes after your workout, or have it as an anytime snack in your balanced, high-protein diet.


  • Pro nutrition is only available through limited channels to ensure authenticity of products. You can verify the product authenticity by scratching the sticker on lid.

  • All pro nutrition products are formulated in usa made from premium ingredients sourced from usa & india, packaged in india. None of our products ingredients are of china origin. Our supply chain doesn” t have any distritbuter or retailers to prevent any counterfeiting

  • All products we are backed by science, sugar is needed to activate insulin response for better absorbtion of protein. Plus, our products have real cookies crum’s which make it delicious and fun to have

  • Protein requirements varies based on physical activity, a sedentry lifestyle would need only .7gm per kilo and a heavy intense working out individual may need 1.5 gm per kilo. Click here to know your needs.

  • Taking raw whey may cause indigestion for individuals consuming it for first time. However all our products have digestive enymes to ensure you won’t face any issue.